IBI2 and IBI3 Series
  • IBI2 - Front View
  • IBI2 - Top View
  • IBI3 Front View
  • IBI3 Top View
  • IBI Colour Options
  • All batteries charge when engine running, regardless of master switch setting
  • Batteries isolated from each other when engine off
  • Complete battery charging due to very low voltage drop, only 0.16 volts at 200 amps and 0.016 volts at 20 amps
  • 200 Amp current carrying capacity ensures compatibility with almost every alternator

Analytic Systems introduces the IBI (Ideal Battery Isolator) for 2 bank and 3 bank battery systems, allowing all the batteries to be fully charged from a single alternator while maintaining electrical isolation between the battery banks.

Ideal Diode technology uses MosFet Transistors and control circuitry to replace the diode used in a traditional battery isolator and reduces the voltage drop across the isolator to a mere 160 millivolts at 200 Amps of charging current and essentially zero volts at low current, so all the power of the alternator is applied to the batteries ensuring a full recharge every time.

While the Ideal Battery Isolator is designed to be used with an alternator, it can also be used to convert a single bank battery charger to a 2 or 3 bank charger.

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