You’re welcome, and thanks for all the help with my needs. Everyone has been great to work with. No one here could possible believe the service that Bruce and staff provided on the one day turn-around of my last repair. Have a great day. Thanks again

Lonnie, American Marine Group

Dear Bill, I thought I would touch base with you, since it has been a long time since we have corresponded. According to my integration engineer, we are on the home stretch to placing a 50pc production order for our mine roller application. I wanted to thank you guys for being open to the necessary design changes and feature additions. I also wanted to point out that this purchase is due largely to the outstanding performance of the LADC. Quite frankly, an early failure probably would have cancelled the entire effort. It is critical that the quality remain high on this 50pc run, so that it can continue to gain traction and grow into additional opportunity. We had the hunch from the beginning that this could snowball into something bigger. Time will tell to see how far it goes.

Michigan Technical University, Keweenaw Research Center

I've been the content user of 2 analytic systems dc-dc converters on my previous boat (vtc 615 & vtc1015 48vdc-12vdc and 48vdc-24vdc, purchased 2006). I was impressed by the component quality MIL specs, and the warranty issued with the products. Meilleures salutations

Johan Strömbom

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the professionalism and customer service shown to me on the repair and return of the charger. Thanks again have a good day.

R.K.Heaton BNSF Railway

We did some trials during our last exercise in Gagetown with the modified unit. The battery charger worked all day every day and the operator had no problem at all with the unit. My technician tried simultaneously as many components as possible in the vehicle to verify the unit in the worst case scenario and again no problem at all. I would recommend that other unit be purchase for the other vehicle. Other CF units would greatly beneficiate of those units, for the reasons we discussed.

Sgt. Francis Sévigny Défense Nationale | National Defence

For more than 8 years we have supported the US Navy with ESS power systems that incorporate power supplies manufactured by Analytic Systems. We have a stock of 114 power supplies (VTV1015d-24-12) and have experienced 6 failures. Based on this track record of reliability, we will continue to use Analytics’ products in our systems

Product Manager, Alutiiq

This customer just called back he would like to keep a back upon site – please change the quantity to 2. I’ve received good feedback – I’ve sold your chargers to 10 different customers and everyone loves them. Thanks

Scott Oldham, Toromont Cat Power Systems

“We are gradually replacing the DC-DC converters on our locomotives as failures occur. We power both a surveillance camera system and digital 2-way mobile radios with your DC-DC converter. Your system is more compact, overload protected from the factory, and constructed to meet our rugged demands. At less than half the size of the competitor’s unit it is replacing, it makes installation simple. Control stand space on a locomotive is tight, and your unit simplifies that problem. We are a State agency, so budgeting and price are concerns that are scrutinized by auditors all the time. Your cost is less than that of the previous units we were using, thus I do not have to justify the switch to your product. Even if the cost of your unit was the same or more than your competitor’s, the compact and rugged design would offset that rationale.”

Alabama State Port Authority

I would like to thank you for your Support of ANAD & the War Fighter. We really appreciate this and I will give you an excellent rating on your past performance on future contracts.

Anniston Army Depot


I wanted to see what I needed to do in order to purchase about half a dozen or so PWS1000-110-24 power supplies from you for use with the US Army. We used them for a year in Iraq, love them, and would like to get more now that we are back. The power supplies were used to run VRC-92 systems. Each power supply was located within an air conditioned building/trailer and each PWS1000-110-24 was able to provide continuous power to its own VRC-92 system (except for when the Iraqi power went out, of course) for approximately 12 months. As opposed to the your competitor’s power supplies, we had no issues with blown fuses or overheating and were pleased with its lighter weight.

Officer recently returned from one year in Iraq

I am very pleased with the performance of the BCA610 Battery Chargers! The systems are complete and currently operational with no down time.

Lucy Brooke, Brooke Associates, Inc.

The FCA500-110/60-115/400 frequency converter we bought is working like a champ...thanks!

John A. Lusk, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

I really appreciate your follow through on our potential equipment needs. Your equipment worked flawlessly in our first season. We now have at least one season ahead of us before we will be in need of added equipment. If more is needed, you definitely will be our supplier of choice.

Allan Nerell Pasco, Gourmet Trading Company, Washington

We look forward to working with the controller. I sincerely appreciate the assistance we have received from Analytic Systems.

Rahul Patel, Minnesota State University, Mankato

The IVS1000 inverter we bought from you last year is working nicely. The time has arrived (overdue) to get a spare inverter. Thanks.

Doug Powell, Nucor Steel, Seattle, WA

We have the unit. Wow, now I understand why we paid the $1600 for it, this unit is the real deal. Thank you, it is being installed tomorrow.

Gary, USA Security

We would like to thank you very much for the professionalism and reliability you brought to our businesses during 2009. Your cooperation will surely give us the empowerment to face the challenges we foresee throughout the coming year.

Rosana Helena, Avibras Aerospacial

I just wanted to say WOW! The custom power supply/voltage converter combo exceeded our expectations and it is a perfect fit for our case. We should have it powered up next week.

John Tighe, Lockheed Martin, California

You da man! The last set of DC to DC converters were perfect.

Al Meyer, Telephonics

Wow! Nice and concise, clear and easy to understand and FAST! WHO ARE YOU? Trying to show up the poor average JOE, well you did it and the poor average JILL too. Gotta love it...Thanks.

Barbara, Blue Water Ships Store

...when it comes to reliable, robust products that will perform even in difficult environments, BC Ferries trusts only Analytic Systems.

BC Ferries

Analytic Systems: Higher Price, known to provide excellent quality hardware (Syracuse Research Corporation’s choice), zero schedule risk, are very willing to work with us. Their Competitors: Modest price, no experience with their hardware; huge schedule risk; technical performance is questionable, companies do not respond to my queries.

John Moll, Technology Leader, MITRE Corp

The BCD1015R-24-24 Battery Charger worked flawlessly. We were very pleased with its performance. Thanks for all your support.

Jason Dugas, Lead Power Engineer, SCOUT Project, NASA's Johnson Space Center

I like what your company is doing; I'm very impressed with your responsiveness!

K.Farmer, L-3 Communications

You guys make a hell of a battery charger!

Don Butterbaugh, Harris Corp.