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Industrial Industry

Industrial-quality power converters with enhanced durability

From steel mills, to mines, to power generating stations, to the warehouse floor, Analytic Systems understands the industrial market. Our Inverters, DC-DC Converters, Battery Chargers, Power Supplies and Frequency Converters are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of this tough environment.

Modern designs, heavy duty filtering, over-rated components, 100 percent conformal coated circuit boards, heavy gauge anodized or powder coated aluminum chassis with stainless fasteners combine into reliable, efficient and durable power products that will provide years of service.

Customization of any model is available to meet specific requirements.


Analytic Systems has been producing Pure Sinewave Inverters since 1994. Originally designed for running navigation computers on commercial and fishing vessels, the IPS line has evolved into a range of models with power outputs from 300 to 3600 watts, including IP67 rated models for exposed locations.

Battery Chargers

Analytic Systems manufactures a wide range of battery chargers that operate from either AC or DC power sources. One, two or three bank models, temperature compensation, bright LED voltage and current readouts, support for Lithium Ion in addition to traditional Lead Acid chemistries, are all available.

Voltage Converters

Analytic Systems manufactures Common Negative and Isolated DC-DC Voltage Converters. Use for voltage conversion up or down without the need for batteries or for ground isolation between 100 and 3000 watts.

Power Supplies

The PWS series power supplies designed and produced by Analytic Systems are specifically designed for the commercial, industrial and COTS military markets. Inputs from 110 or 220 AC, or full 85 to 265 VAC with power factor correction deliver outputs from 12 to 72 volts DC at 120 to 3000 watts.

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