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Analytic Systems Provides Power Solution to LMCO Portable VHF/UHF Transceiver System

Surrey, BC, Canada

Lockheed Martin were trying to develop a prototype portable VHF/UHF Transceiver system for Government use. There biggest problem was power. They needed a wide input range power supply and voltage converter for use in difficult conditions. Maximum operating temperature would be +55°C but there could be no forced cooling. The unit(s) also needed to be rugged and enclosed. Mil Spec connectors would be needed, and they needed to be able to power their portable VHF/UHF Transceiver system from whatever is available, AC or DC, military or commercial.

Analytic Systems was asked to provide two complimentary systems to solve the problem. Instead they recommended a custom combination product designed into one chassis that would reduce size and weight, two critical factors as well as cost. The new model, PWS-VTC310MS-28 was created from two COTS products (PWS310 power supply and VTC120 Voltage converter) and placed in the new watertight PWS1510 extrusion. The unit was ruggedized to meet Mil-STD 810D and Mil-STD 461E.

John Tighe, Lockheed Martin, California: “Just wanted to say WOW! The custom power supply/voltage converter combo exceeded our expectations and it is a perfect fit for our case. We should have it powered up next week. Thanks for everyone’s hard work on this unit!”

The basic power supply model is the PWS310-110-24. Our suggestion was to use the PWS310 pcb in a watertight chassis with our Military style endplate and two MS3102 output connectors. To improve the EMI characteristics of the supply, we would add an input filter assembly as well as our standard military preparations of components and conformal dip the board. The unit also has a guard for the circuit breaker and an output “on” LED and a handle for portability. It is rated at 12Amps Continuous, 15 Peak. It has an auto-ranging VAC input and an output of 28 VDC.

The DC/DC converter uses the same mil connectors, ruggedization and is based on our standard model
VTC120ih. It has a modified input output is also 28 VDC.

Analytic Systems provides COTS and custom designed DC/AC inverters, DC/DC Converters, AC/DC power supplies, AC and DC power supplies and AC/AC Frequency Converters for various government and military groups worldwide.

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