For Immediate Release

Significant IRAP Grant awarded to Analytic Systems

Surrey, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems proudly announces that it has been awarded a significant two year IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) grant from the National Research Council. The largest ever received in Western Canada. The NRC-IRAP is a technological innovation development program for selected Canadian companies. It is
regarded as one of the best of its kind worldwide.

The IRAP grant will enable Analytic Systems to develop high frequency energy management systems. This will include analysis and design of solutions for grid-tied inverter chargers, advanced battery charging systems, higher power and reduced size inverters and integrated energy management control systems.

This core base of technology will enhance our innovation capacity, which translates into the creation of many new products, accelerates company growth and guarantees an advantage over competitors. Analytic Systems is excited to utilize the grant to augment research for alternative energy as well as grid-tied and battery interfacing applications.

Analytic Systems, of Surrey, B.C., Canada, ( is a versatile and responsive manufacturer of a wide range of high performance Power Conversion products. Products including AC and DC source battery chargers, DC to DC voltage converters, AC to DC power supplies and DC to AC inverters for Military, Alternative
Energy, Marine, and Industrial applications throughout North America and around the world. Our products are available wherever power conversion is needed.

For further information, please contact:
Bill Walker, VP Sales and Marketing

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