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Analytic Systems Wins GSA Contract For USMC, US Army

Surrey, BC, Canada

Through Analytic Systems’ GSA contract, contract# GS-07F-5624R, both the USMC and the US Army have awarded Analytic Systems the largest continuing order for a COTS military battery charger, NATO Stock Number: NSN 6130-20-002-2433, in the 5 year program. This charger is specifically designed to recharge a Saft America LithiumIon battery that is an integral part of a HMMWV mounted weapons system. The charger is also vehicle mounted and will operate from any source of AC. It is designed to be used in extreme environments and is the first in a series water-tight power conversion products using a unique new chassis design. A DC-DC version is also available.

The battery charger is designed to recharge and communicate with the newest of Saft America’s, Lithium-Ion batteries, but can also operate as a stand-alone power supply. The charger uses the same power switching core design as the Modern Burner Unit (MBU) power supply that the Analytic Systems designed for use in US Army Field Kitchens. There are over 6000 units in use around the world. Like the MBU power supply, the COTS military battery charger meets MIL-STD 461E and passes the stringent US Army Loose Cargo Test.

Analytic Systems, of Surrey, B.C., Canada, ( manufactures a wide range of high performance Power Conversion products including AC and DC source battery chargers, DC to DC voltage converters, AC to DC power supplies and DC to AC inverters for Military, Alternative Energy, Marine, and Industrial applications throughout North America and around the world.

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