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Analytic Systems Provides Telephonics with High Performance Power Supplies for Moroccan ARSS Defence Radar

Surrey, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of high performance power conversion products for military and commercial/industrial applications has won a contract from the Ministry of Defense in Morocco, through Telephonics, a subsidiary of Griffon Corporation. The power supplies are designed for harsh desert conditions which is a specialty of Analytic Systems. The 24vdc output power supplies are provided in three configurations: a standard AC/ DC auto-ranging 105-250VAC input; a dual voltage input (24vdc and auto-ranging 105-250VAC); and a 24 VDC input DC/DC converter with dual voltage output (24 and 15.6VDCV). This allows the units to be used intheatre as a mobile application as well as command-based applications.

Telephonics' high-technology engineering and manufacturing capabilities provide integrated information, communication and sensor system solutions to military and commercial markets worldwide. Telephonics specializes in aircraft intercommunication systems, wireless communication systems, radars, identification friend or foe products, integrated security systems, air traffic management systems, aerospace electronics, and the performance of threat and radar system analyses.

Griffon Corporation is a diversified manufacturing company headquartered in Jericho, NY with operations in three business segments: Garage Doors; Specialty Plastic Films; and Electronic Information and Communication Systems.

Analytic Systems, of Surrey, B.C., Canada, ( manufactures a wide range of high performance Power Conversion products including DC to DC voltage
converters, MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, AC and DC source Battery Chargers, AC to DC power supplies and DC to AC inverters for Military, Alternative Energy, Commercial Marine,
Industrial OEM, and Communications applications throughout North America and around the world.

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Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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