For Immediate Release

Analytic Systems Is Controlled Goods Program Approved

Delta, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems is pleased to announce that they have been re-approved to the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). Registration number CG13275, Expiry date: 01/23/2015. Analytic Systems has been approved since October 2004 and it has allowed for the continued growth into the US Defence market. In addition to the CGP registration, Analytic Systems is also certified to the US/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) registration number 0041679, which expires in 15/08/2014.

The Controlled Goods Program is an industrial security program that is authorized by the Defence Production Act (DPA). The Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) administers the CGP to prevent the proliferation of tactical and strategic assets and build up Canada’s defence trade controls. The Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) helps strengthen Canada's defence trade controls through registration, prevention, deterrence and detection. This is achieved by regulating the access, possession and transfer in Canada of controlled goods and/or controlled technology. Public Works and Government Services Canada is the federal agency responsible for this program.

The U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program is managed by the U.S./Canada Joint Certification
Office (JCO). The JCO, a common, jointly staffed office, receives and processes the Militarily
Critical Technical Agreements, submitted by U.S. and Canadian contractors that wish to obtain
access to unclassified technical data disclosing critical technology under the control of, or in the
possession of DoD or DND.

Analytic Systems, of Delta, B.C., Canada, ( manufactures a wide
range of high performance Power Conversion products including AC and DC source battery
chargers, DC to DC voltage converters, AC to DC power supplies, DC to AC inverters and Solar
MPPT Charge Controllers. We focus on high end markets such as Military, Commercial Marine,
Industrial, Rail/Transit, Mining, Heavy Duty Trucking, Alternative Energy and Telecom
applications, throughout North America and around the world.

For further information contact:
Bill Walker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
N. American TF#1-800-668-3884

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