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Analytic Systems Awarded Three Year Supply Agreement by Weatherhaven

Delta, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems recently signed a 3 year supply agreement with Weatherhaven of Burnaby, BC, as part of the Department of National Defense (DND) Special Equipment Vehicle (SEV) baseline shelter project.

Analytic Systems will be providing no less than 376, BCA1503MS-220-24DW COTS, milspec, battery chargers over the
next 36 months. This military battery charger is built to meet -40C cold start operation and EMI certified to MILSTD461F
making it one of the elite milspec battery chargers available worldwide.

“This program is an exciting step forward for Weatherhaven and its suppliers in British Columbia,” said Ray Castelli, Chief
Executive Officer of Weatherhaven. “Not only will this program provide better equipment for our troops, but it is also a
clear example of how the Canada First Defence Policy can provide a major stimulus to the manufacturing sector in British

The baseline shelters are being purchased for use with the militarized commercial off-the-shelf vehicles and standard
military pattern vehicles. They will be produced in five variants and will be specially equipped as part of the project, which
is providing replacements for the current DND fleet of medium logistics trucks and ancillaries.

Weatherhaven is a leading provider of re-deployable shelters, camp and systems for remote
sites around the world. Founded in Vancouver 30 years ago, the company engineers, manufactures and installs
temporary camps and shelter systems for a wide variety of commercial, military and medical and disaster relief
applications. With production capability in Canada, Peru, South Africa, and Brazil, in addition to sales/logistics operations
in Europe, Australia and Barbados, the company has grown from being a dominant Canadian domestic supplier to
providing shelter systems and installations on all seven continents, including more than 20 military customers as well as
commercial deployments in more than 50 countries.

Analytic Systems, is proud to be a partner with Weatherhaven on this project providing higher
quality living conditions for Canadian soldiers. Analytic Systems is committed to innovative and cutting edge technology
in the design and development of Military DC/DC Converters, MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters, Battery Chargers
and Power Supplies. Clients include: Textron Systems, Northrop Grumman, AAI Corp., US Marines, Lockheed Martin,
Raytheon, UEC Electronics, Teleflex Canada, US Navy, Datron, Navistar, US Army, Boeing Corp, FPI, US Marines, and

For further information, contact:
Bill Walker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Photos available if required.

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