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Analytic Systems Ranked #5 on BIV List of Biggest BC Alternative‐Energy Companies

Delta, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems,the high performance power conversion products manufacturer is currently ranked #5 on the “Businessin Vancouver” List of the Biggest BC Alternative‐energy Companies. With a range of products thatincludeDC/DC voltage converters, AC and DC source Battery Chargers, DC/AC Inverters and AC/DC Power Supplies Analytic Systems not only covers most power conversion requirements but also supplies this range tomost of its key markets including military, rail and transit, commercial marine, telecommunications and oil and gas. Many new products will be added overthe next 18 month sincluding the widely anticipated
SolarMax, MPPT Charge Controller.

Customers like SolarCraft, NorthropGrumman, G2 Solar Corp., US Marines, CP Rail, Sunwize Technologies, CNRail, SolarInverters (Australia), Textron, First Energy, Lockheed Martin, Kyocera, Raytheon, General Hydrogen, BAE, Conergy Inc, who require rugged,reliable and often customized power conversion turn to Analytic Systems products to ensure the best high performance AC and DC source battery chargers,DC/AC inverters,DC/DC voltage converters and AC/DC power supplies for their Alternative Energy power conversion

Analytic Systems of Delta, British Columbia is a world class manufacturer of high performance Power Conversion products. Designing and manufacturing DC toDC voltage converters, MPPT Solar Charger Controllers, AC and DC source battery chargers, AC to DC powersupplies andDC to AC inverters for Military, Rail/Transit, Commercial Marine, Industrial and Alternative Energy marketsthroughout North America and around the world.

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Bill Walker
VP, Sales& Marketing

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