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Analytic Systems introduces 200 and 250 Amp Ideal-Diode 2 Bank Battery Isolator (IBI) to the trucking industry.

Delta, BC, Canada

IBI Series

With Anti-Idling legislation in place and the need to run Air Conditioning, Inverters and other electrical and electronic devices without the engine running, trucks are adding more and more batteries to run these loads during rest times and still have enough energy to start the engine the next day. A better way to do this with a single alternator is to use a battery isolator to separate the starting battery from the house batteries, guaranteeing one fully charged battery available to start the engine for the next shift. Traditional battery isolator’s use diodes for this, but they can lose as much as a full volt across their terminals, preventing any of the batteries from fully recharging, reducing run time for the house batteries, reducing starting power for the engine battery and significantly reducing battery life.

Analytic Systems introduces the IBI (Ideal Battery Isolator) for 2 bank battery systems, allowing all the batteries to be fully charged from a single alternator while maintaining electrical isolation between the battery banks. Ideal Diode technology reduces the voltage drop across the Isolator to a mere 160 millivolts at 200 Amps (IBI2-40-200) or 120 millivolts at 250 Amps (IBI2HD-40-250) of charging current so all the power of the alternator is applied to the batteries, maximizing run time, engine starting power and increasing battery life. With significantly better charging efficiency, fewer batteries are needed to run the electrical loads during rest time and they will last longer.

The Ideal Diode based design uses high current MOSFET transistors and custom control circuitry to reduce the voltage drop to a mere 160 millivolts at 200 amps (IBI2) or 120 millivolts at 250 amps (IBI2HD) across the isolator. The design is compatible with 12, 24 and 32 volt battery systems, and models for 2 bank (IBI2 series) and 3 bank (IBI3 series) battery systems are now available at a very competitive price. The circuitry is fully encapsulated for maximum protection and reliability.

Analytic Systems has been building voltage converters, inverters, power supplies and battery chargers for the Marine, Military, Industrial, Telecom and Transportation markets since 1976. Based in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Analytic Systems manufactures all its products in house, keeping jobs and creating quality in North America.


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