IBI2 and IBI3 Series
  • IBI2 - Front View
  • IBI2 - Top View
  • IBI3 Front View
  • IBI3 Top View
  • IBI Colour Options
  • All batteries charge when engine running, regardless of master switch setting
  • Batteries isolated from each other when engine off
  • Complete battery charging due to very low voltage drop, only 0.16 volts at 200 amps and 0.016 volts at 20 amps
  • 200 Amp current carrying capacity ensures compatibility with almost every alternator
  • All circuitry sealed in epoxy for water resistance
  • The alternator can be directly wired to the batteries through the isolator
  • CNC machined connection points and bronze fasteners ensure low resistance connections
  • Internal high current busbar for optimal current distribution
  • Compatible with 12, 24, 28 and 32 volt battery systems
  • Can also be used with a single output battery charger
  • Extremely compact design saves space