BCD301 Battery Equalizer DC Battery Charger
  • BCD301 Side
  • BCD301 Side
  • BCD301 Side
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Power sensitive electronics without interference
  • Rugged and reliable to ensure years of safe and trouble free operation
  • Fast and accurate charging

The BCD301-24-12 is a Battery Equalizer that safely permits 12 Volts to be drawn of a 24V Battery bank. The unit is connected across the 24V battery bank, and its output is connected to the 12V midpoint of the battery bank. 12 Volt loads may now be connected to the lower battery, and providing the average load is less than the output capacity of the Battery Equalizer, both batteries will be maintained at the correct voltage. The BCD301-24-12 has a capacity of 25 amps. Units can be connected in parallel for even greater capacity.

The way that these units work is that the output is set to exactly ½ of the input voltage. Then as the load on the lower battery is applied, the unit takes current from the upper battery and feeds it to the lower battery to keep each at exactly ½ of the total voltage. The units are compatible with all 24V battery chargers and alternators.

Available options include a remote control and/or extra-wide temperature. We are confident that you will get many years of reliable service from this Battery Equalizer.