ITS5000R Series AC Inverters
  • front view
  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Protect Sensitive Electronics
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Ensure years of safe and trouble free operation

The ITS5000R transfer switch is a 2U (3.5”) x 19” rackmount switch that is used in UPS applications to allow the load to be supplied either by the utility or a secondary AC source, such as an inverter.

A specially designed AC-fail circuit detects the loss of utility power within a maximum of 3.5ms, and contact is activated in 4.5ms for a total switching time of 8ms.

The ITS5000R switches both the phase and neutral poles and therefore provides galvanic isolation between the sources.

The unit is manufactured in North America, with the highest quality components, under strict quality control.

Customizing is possible even for single units.