RVS1000 Series Rugged Sinewave DC / AC Inverters
  • front view
NSN# RVS1000
  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Power sensitive electronics without interference
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Ensure years of safe and trouble free operation

The RVS1000 Series compact, low-profile DC/AC inverter utilizes established design techniques to deliver 1000VA sine wave voltage. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the RVS1000 features full electronic protection, high efficiency and low output noise.

Internal modules are encapsulated within a thermally conductive MIL-spec silicon rubber compound to ensure resistance against shock, vibration, moisture, humidity, salt, fog, dust, and insects. The unit is conduction cooled. Extended operating temperature ranges are available.

The RVS1000 is housed in a 19”x14”x 3” chassis-mount enclosure. The demonstrated MTBF of the unit exceeds 250,000 hours.