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Model Category Marketsort descending Input Voltage Input Frequency Output Frequency Output Power Required Output Voltage Charging Required
PWS310 Series Power Supplies 220@50 AC DC 240W 48
VTC1000R Series DC/DC Converter 110 DC DC 960W 24
BCA610 AC Battery Charger 220@50Hz AC DC 600W 12 Yes
BCD1015R DC Battery Charger 72 DC DC 1000W 24 Yes
BCD610R Isolated DC Battery Charger 300 DC DC 600W 24 Yes
BCD1015 DC Battery Charger 24 DC DC 1000W 48 Yes
VCH10 Series 36 24
BCD1015 DC Battery Charger 48 DC DC 1000W 48 Yes
BCD610 DC Battery Charger 110 DC DC 600W 48 Yes
BCD310 DC Battery Charger 250 DC DC 300W 48 Yes