• SolarMax SMP100 Front View
  • SolarMax SMP100 Back
  • Efficient and Reliable
  • MPPT charging for maximum solar panel efficiency
  • More flexibility in choice of solar array voltage
  • Three stage charging and temperature compensation for optimal battery charging effectiveness and increased battery life


  • Patented MPPT Design (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Adjustable 3-Stage Charging Algorithm
  • 230 Volt Open Circuit Input Capable
  • Up to 100A Output Current
  • 97% Efficiency at 100A Out
  • Input and Output Current Sensors
  • Low Noise, EMC Tested
  • Battery Temperature Sensor included
  • 24-72VDC nominal battery voltages (programmable through PC interface)
  • UL1741 and CSA107 and CE Certification pending
  • Optional Digital Display



  • Remote Locations
  • Rugged Environments
  • Government Applications
  • Residential
  • Industrial & Commercial Solar Installations