VCH10 Series
  • VCH10 Front view
  • Up to 80V input
  • Compact size and easy mounting
  • Simplug plug in wiring
  • 'Output ON' and "Overload" LED indicators

The VCH10 Step Down series of Voltage Converters supplies up to 10 amps of output current at 12, 24, 36 or 48 volts from any higher voltage between 20 and 80 volts DC for use in automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial, rail or alternative  nergy environments.

All surface mount high frequency design offers higher reliability, higher efficiency (more than 92%), more power (up to 544 watts at 48 VDC Out) and minimum size. 

The unit has reverse input protection, output current limiting and output over-voltage protection.



Wide Temperature (-40°C - +55°C Operation)
Paralleling diodes
Custom output voltages available