Return + Repair

ASW Return & Repair Policy for 2015

Even with a return / repair rate of less than 0.1% for all our products, including military, when you ship thousands of units per year, eventually some will be returned for one reason or another. This adds time and cost to any repair (dealing with reports and paperwork back and forth). To assist in alleviating this we have structured a repair process based on the information below (written in all our price lists) and after reviewing the repair policies of many high tech companies.

In addition there is a $75.00 inspection fee if there is no fault found.

Flat Rate Repair Policy:

  • No products may be returned for repair, replacement, or refund without first obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number
  • To obtain an RMA, phone or fax with the model number and serial number of the item to be returned, and include a brief statement of the reason for return

For products that are between three and six years old, any repair will cost of 30% of the current suggested list price for the same or equivalent product.

For products between six and ten years old, any repair will cost 60% of the current suggested list price for the same or equivalent product.

For products more than ten years old will not be repaired due to obsolescence. We will only attempt to repair products that are more than ten years old by special request for time and materials (if available). Any product ten years old or less that cannot be repaired will be replaced (replacement may be refurbished). The replacement unit would be the same price as the repair (as above).

Unclaimed units will be disposed of after two years.

The age and eligibility of any product for this program determined first by

  • Any warranty card currently on file. 
  • Next by a copy of the original purchase invoice from an approved Analytic Systems’ reseller. 
  • Finally by the date code that forms part of the product serial number

Please refer to the following guidelines when returning the product(s)

Return to:
Analytic Systems
Attn: Technical Services
8128 River Way
Delta, BC Canada V4G 1K5
Business No. 13650 1004

NOTE: Please including your contact name, phone number, fax number and/or email address and RMA #.

    • If the item is being returned for repair, please include a detailed description of the nature or symptoms of the problem.
    • If the product is being returned from outside Canada, the package MUST BE clearly marked ‘Canadian Made Goods being returned’. Value $10.00
    • Customer is responsible for all Freight costs including insurance when shipping units for repairs; Analytic Systems is responsible for freight and customs if the product is under warranty when shipping back to the customer.


Any attempt to repair the unit(s) except for replacing the external fusing will void all warranties


Download the Analytic Systems Repair Policy for 2015